Comfort Products

High-Quality Comfort Options

Improve the comfort of your ride with seat heaters and adjustable lumbar support from Coach Automotive Restyling.

Comfort options can make a big difference in your drive and show you care about yourself and your passengers.

Quality Seat Heaters Installed Where You Are

When you have 2 heaters added through our mobile service, expect installation times of between 4 and 5 hours. Choose from seat heaters by Gentherm and Thermaflex. 

Gentherm seat heaters from Katzkin offer several benefits.
  • High-quality engineering
  • Reliable and even heat distribution
  • Available with Carbotex or with resistance wire heating elements
  • Tested to OEM standards
  • Dedicated customer service teams

Expect Reliable Heat Distribution

No matter which product you choose, your seat heaters will feature reliable carbon fibers sewn into the pads for even heat distribution. The pads are installed between the foam cushion and the seat cover on both the bottom and seat backrest.

A small round rocker switch with a high-low setting will be installed either on the seat side plastic or on the center console, with the location determined by our team. As a part of the Gentherm or Thermaflex products, the switch will look different than any original factory switch.
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Seat Sensors Can Determine Your Options

Please note that the presence of an Occupant Classification Sensor (OCS) in the passenger seat can affect the heater installation.

In some makes and models, we will be limited to adding only a driver seat heater or a driver seat heater and a partial heater in the passenger seat. Find out what will work in your car by clicking on the OCS Guide Button below.
OCS Guide
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Power Lumbar Support Installations

Support your back with an adjustable power lumbar support package. Let our mobile team come to wherever you are to perform the 3-hour installation.

Manufactured by Rostra Precision Controls Inc and installed by Coach Automotive Restyling, your support system will use a small, quiet compressor, installed under your seat, to inflate a bladder that is placed between the lower seat pan or frame and the backrest cushion.

A rectangular inflation-deflation switch will be installed on either the seat side plastic cover or the center console, as determined by our team. As part of the Rostra product, the switch will look different from any original factory switch.
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Please Read Our Product Warranty

A limited 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty, whichever comes first, is included with the purchase and installation of any of our products. Warranty is non-transferable, good for the original purchaser only. Any repairs or parts ordered under warranty must be performed by Coach Automotive Restyling of Central Oregon or a pre-authorized repair facility. Warranty covers our products, not our other services.
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